Laser Ammo USA Inc
Laser Ammo USA Inc
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Laser Ammo is the worldwide leading provider of laser base firearms training. Our product line includes the Smokeless Range family of simulators, SureStrike Laser training systems, reactive targets (LaserPET and IMTTS), Recoil Enabled Training Firearms, and more. Our clientele includes... (more)
Apply to become a dealer with laser Ammo throughout January and get:
Minimum Order $3,000
• Free LaserPET II + 9mm Laser
• Free Banner for your store.
• Free Marketing material
• Free 1 hour Zoom call with your sales team.
In Addition: Free Smokeless Range® Simulator with purchase of... (more)
Categories: SHOT - Airgun & Airsoft Products, SHOT - Law Enforcement Products & Services, SHOT - Training and Safety Equipment, SHOT - Wholesaler/Distributor, SHOT - International Exhibitors
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