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Randy Newberg
Fresh Tracks Productions
Randy Newberg is the voice of the public-lands hunter in America....
Regina Lombardo
Acting Director
Renee Lewis
Renee Lewis recently retired from California’s Department of Justice after 36 years. During her career she worked in a variety of positions including criminal investigations for the Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement as a certified Criminal Intelligence Analyst, and over her last 13 years she was a Field Representative/Inspector for the Bureau of Firearms (BOF)....
Richard Abramson
President and Chief Executive Officer
Centennial Gun Club
Richard Abramson founded the Centennial Gun Club, located in Centennial, Colorado. Centennial is one of the most successful indoor ranges in the U.S. Centennial’s membership business model is considered “best in class.” Abramson brings unsurpassed retail and distribution expertise....
Rob Pincus
Valhalla Shooting Club & Training Center
Rob Pincus has been in the firearms industry for over 20 years and has been a full-time educator since 2003. He has written countless articles and seven books on personal defense and defensive shooting....
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