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Chris Shaw
Fujitsu Network Communications
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Christina Landon
Naval Surface Warfare Ctr
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Chuck LePard
DXC Technology
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Chung Chih-Yeh PhD
Senior Specialist
Nanya PCB
● Dedicated R&D manager of IC substrate with 10+ year of experience
● Well-versed in copper roughening, solder mask (coating/lamination/litho) and surface finish (IT/OSP/ENEPIG) processes

- Ph.D....
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Colin Poedtke
Technical Service Engineer
Uyemura International Corporation
Colin Poedtke is a technical service engineer for Uyemura and specializes in PCB final finishing processes. With over 6 years of experience, he has assisted many manufacturers by solving technical problems and adding value related to final finish....
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Corina Stocker
Senior Expert
Corinas passion for all things mechanical led her to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Polytechnical University Timisoara, Romania....
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Cory Blaylock
Director, Workforce Partnerships
Cory Blaylock is a results-driven and experienced professional with a strong background in workforce development. With 20 years of multifunctional expertise, she has consistently delivered outstanding results by leveraging lessons learned, fostering teamwork, and implementing strategic initiatives to solve complex workforce challenges....
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Craig Dickson
Engineering Manager
Flex Ltd
Craig Dickson has used simulation and related technologies to analyze complex problems for over 25 years. His work has been applied across a wide range of industries including distribution and logistics, rail and port operations, machine design and operation, and manufacturing....
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Dale Lee
Senior Staff DFX Strategy Engineer
Plexus Corporation
Dale Lee is a senior staff DFX strategy engineer with Plexus Corporation, primarily involved with DFX analysis and definition/correlation of design, process, and tooling impacts on printed board fabrication/assembly processes, manufacturing yields and reliability....
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Dana Korf
Nano Dimension
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