Helpful hints for using your Show Planner
As a pre-registered attendee, you have access to The WPPI 2012 Show Planner. It’s a great online resource to identify exhibitors who are offering the products and services you are looking for and want to see at the show.

Even more, your Show Planner has an interactive tool to help you identify the exhibitors that meet your critieria for products and services.

Click here to login and update your profile. Start with the top navigation bar and select this tab:

Profile - Choose "Edit" from the drop menu - here you can select products and services that you want to see most at the show. Then go to this tab:

Matcher - View Exhibitors who matched your product categories and also view Attendees who have similar interests.

Dashboard Links - the links you see here on the right are unique to your account. Once your Profile is updated with your selected product categories, the Exhibitor Matches link will reflect the number of Exhibitors who you will want to research using Your Show Planner. Click on any of the dashboard links to log into your account and open the page specified by the link name. The highlighted items are changes that have occured since the last time you were logged in. If you have questions or need assistance please contact Your WPPI Show Planner Help Desk at or 1.800.499.3170.

Click here to log-in to your WPPI 2012 Show Planner and start uisng these resources:
  • Interactive matchmaking service to identify the exhibitors that meet your criteria for products and services.
  • Online meeting request option to schedule appointments with exhibitors.
  • Scheduling feature for tracking your appointments so you can make the most of your time at WPPI 2012.
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WPPI 2012 Show Management
Dashboard Links:

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