Jan 1, 2015 - Jan 3, 2021
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Thank you for your interest in the SHOT Show®.

The SHOT Show is sold out and our wait list is lengthy. Only companies with a product that is core to the industry will be accepted to the wait list. Companies on the wait list will be ranked in tiers as to their relevance to the Show.

Tier 1: Firearms, Ammunition, Firearm Components, Optics
Tier 2: Firearms accessories, safes, holsters, Law Enforcement & Tactical (Except Firearms), targets, cutlery
Tier 3: Anything else related to the Hunting & Shooting industry

We also rank Supporting and Voting Members of NSSF higher within the tiers. So if you are an NSSF Supporting or Voting member on the wait list you will be offered space before a non-member within your tier. Member information can be found here: www.nssf.org.

For each of the last two Shows, we have placed 100+ new companies in our NEXT Program. In very rare occasions, wait list companies have been able to get a 10x10 booth. If we are able to help you, the timeframe is October/November before the next event and we will contact you using the email address below. The wait list will continue to rollover annually.

If you are a material supplier to manufacturers, you may not qualify to exhibit at the SHOT Show. You would be eligible to participate in our highly successful program, the Supplier Showcase that takes place Monday & Tuesday. For more information, Click Here
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Please include: -Your relationship to the industry -Your product description Please include as much information as possible, as this is the info we use to assign you a tier.

The following contact information is collected for internal purposes.

Main Contact:

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