VT2R AdTac System
VT2R AdTac System
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Train like you fight using using the VT2R AdTac 9 System and build your own customized range that is fully portable. SHOOT ANYWHERE. The AdTac 9 System allows you to create a range and also engage reality based training using our vests that provide visible feedback for students and trainers in real... (more)
VT2R AdTac 9 System Special -

SAVE $200 on purchase our Reality-Based Training (RBT) system consisting of 2 VT2R AdTac Laser Vests & Caps, 2 IR Laser, 2 AdTac 9mm Barrel (Glock 17 Gen 1 - 4), and 1,000 rounds of AdTac 9mm Ammo.

SAVE $500 - We are also offering our AdTac 9 AR-9 with short barrel... (more)
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