Gun Safety Snap by Loon Ventures LLC
Gun Safety Snap by Loon Ventures LLC
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Promote your business or organization. Gun Safety Snap (patent pending) is custom printed with your logo. It reminds gun owners to lock up their gun. It works with all handguns, rifles, shotguns, locks, lock boxes and safes. It is very reliable, easy to use, cost effective and promotes gun... (more)
Free Gun Safety Snaps by Loon Ventures to be given away as lanyard upgrades (Retail Value $9.99). Wear the Gun Safety Snap to hold your badge holder and it is yours to keep. In addition, save $3.00 on each Gun Safety Snap purchased at with code SHOTSHOW until February 29,... (more)
Categories: SHOT - Firearm Locks, SHOT - Association/Agencies/Wildlife Mgmt., SHOT - Training and Safety Equipment, SHOT - Firearms, SHOT
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