Tungsten Super Shot - Agescan Int'l Inc.
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AGESCAN INTERNATIONAL INC. is one of the fast growing companies with base in Canada. We are offering tungsten alloy and related products such as Tungsten Alloy Counterweight, Military Fittings, and Radiation Shield. In the outdoor sporting and defense areas, we offer tungsten alloy Super shot... (more)
Agescan is offering customers discount on Tungsten Super Shot ("TSS") pellets at Show Show Week or before January 31, 2020. Conditions Apply.
$100,000 + 2% Discount
$250,000 + - 4% Discount
$500,000 + - 6% Discount
$1,000,000 + - 10% Discount
Categories: Supplier - Metals, SHOT - Ammunition, SHOT - Reloading, SHOT - Firearms, Supplier - OE materials
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