Hoffner Knives & Covert Clothing
Hoffner Knives & Covert Clothing
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Veteran- and law enforcement-owned and operated since 1985, we bring you the best in everyday carry knives for defense and outdoors. The Rear Grip Hold (RGH) system and Index divots of the knives provide an effective and simple system of use that is second to none. Hoffner Covert Carry Clothing is... (more)
Hoffner Knives is offering 60% OFF for all orders placed and paid for at the show! In addition we have the two following 70% OFF Super Packages:

10 piece Hand Hawks Super Package for $810 (MSRP $270 each, value $2700)

16 piece Hand Spear Variety Super Package for $691 (MSRP $139-159 each,... (more)
Categories: SHOT - Cutlery/Sharpeners/Knives & Accessories
70% OFF Hoffner Knives Super Packages:

Ten pieces Hand Hawks Super Package for $810 (MSRP $270, Retail Value $2,700)

16 pieces Hand Spear Variety Super Package $691 (MSRP $139-$159,
Retail Value $2304)

Orders must be placed and payed for at the show.
Maximize your buying power! Do not miss out... (more)
Categories: SHOT - Cutlery/Sharpeners/Knives & Accessories
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