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Suzan Lind Art Licensing
Suzan Lind Art Licensing
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Phone: (203) 273-3148
Address: South Salem, NY
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KALEIDOGRAPHIX -hip, new geo line!
Suzan Lind recently launched a unique pattern collection based on an educational toy sold in museums worldwide, KALEIDOGRAPHIX (KGx).
Like a kaleidoscope, it is ever-changing, and has infinit...
Cat Dreams
Crazy cat dreams of conquering his fear of water by swimming with the fish and being out in the rain. Meanwhile, mischievous mice are collecting and stealing his prizes.
Cherry Picnic
Plump, juicy cherries on a tablecloth fabric. Great for textiles!
Unique woven designs created from my original paintings. Great for quilts!
From the KALEIDOGRAPHIX collection, all New and exciting 3D art, available in repeat or panels. Come see it all!
Folk, Frogs, Felines and More!
Folk Art, Frogs, Felines, a fun foray or florals, and more!
About the Company:
Original hand painted and digital artwork created by artist Suzan Lind. Bright, happy, and whimsical - aesthetic art created to suit all surfaces. With a wide variety of design choices, ranging from Floral to Marble, I work with clients to make sure I have you and your products "covered". This... (more)
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