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Finch &  Foxglove
Finch & Foxglove
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Lisa Kirkbride / Adriana Bergstrom
Lisa Kirkbride's wonderfully fresh floral motif (left) blends mid-century inspired florals with modern color.
The inky feathers illustration (right) by Adriana Bergstrom, aka Adriprints, is an...
Courtney Beth Keller / Natasa Kaiser
Courtney Beth Keller adds a modern color palette to her folk-inspired repeat, "Llama Brightfolk".
Natasa Kaiser fills every one of her illustrations with sweet wonder as she did here with her ...
Tanya Paget / Vicky Lommatzsch
Now it's a party! Tanya Paget, aka Albaquirky, creates such wonderfully detailed patterns including this holiday pattern, "Tinsel".
If your project needs a touch of whimsy, Vicky Lommatszch is...
Mara Penny / Anne Bentley
"Spring Sings" is the perfect example of the fresh and dreamy work that Mara Penny creates.
Bringing her trademark formal, expressive, and modernist style, Anne Bentley's masterful skill is ev...
Finch & Foxglove, Booth #543
Finch & Foxglove is a studio collective of 8 artists from around the world. Our designs and illustrations are suited for many markets including children's apparel, stationery, children's lite...
About the Company:
Finch & Foxglove is an art collective comprised of eight women from around the world. We are: Adriana Bergstrom (Adriprints), Anne Bentley, Courtney Beth Keller, Lisa Kirkbride, Mara Penny, Natasa Kaiser, Tanya Paget (Albaquirky), and Vicky Lommatzsch. Each artist has their strengths, and together... (more)
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