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ATU International
ATU International
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MOSE is a modular sofa that consists of six pieces:
five sofa modules and one coffee table. All of the
pieces can be mirrored to achieve the most perfect
combination for each customer. MOSE’...
Inspired by the migratory habits of Ecuador’s native Albatross,
the design takes many cues from the seabirds. Not only does
the design look like it is about to take flight, Brisa, is also li...
Lift juxtaposes a minimalistic form with efficency and purpose.
The desk offers full power and charging support while still
carrying a graceful and slim figure. Additionally, the desk
honors t...
Wa Dansu
Wa Dansu is a multi functional home office furniture,
inspired by Japanese architecture and Shoji-screen
The furniture is designed to elegantly hide office clutter behind
a screen to k...
Zona is a home/office work station offering a private and focused work zone anywhere. With its airy size, Zona provides a space with a freedom while still creating an intimate space for the us...
About the Company:
ATU was founded in 1940 in Quito Ecuador. ATU is an emblematic Ecuadorian company that since its founding, has become a leader in the furniture industry for its quality that is both recognized by the national and international market. The factory located in Ecuador, has the capability that... (more)
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ATU North American Exports
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