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Simple and sleek, yet strong and practical, the tabletop of Traverse spans up to 20 feet long at slighter than an inch thick. Power and data are easily accessible from all around with convenie...
Enabling the perching stance, Repiroue combines the comfort of sitting with the health benefits of standing. The stool was designed to accompany the trend for healthier, more dynamic offices a...
Muffle is a modular system of panels, sofas, desks, and shelves that transforms open spaces into cozy concentration zones. The sound-dampening panels double as screens, reducing distractions t...
Choral is as comfortable as it is exquisite, making it a favorite for both designers and end-users. Intuitively adjust the full scope of ergonomic functions include a lumbar support bar and se...
The SW collection of height-adjustable tables is intelligently designed and beautifully crafted to elevate office performance and aesthetics. With style and comfort in every detail, SW feature...
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Since 1945, Okamura Corporation has been one of the world leaders in providing innovative, highly engineered design solutions for the contract office furniture industry.
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