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A convergence of the real and the virtual, the haptic and the emotional, Encryption explores the increasingly blurred line between people and technology. The emerging aesthetic is both timeles...
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Every step forward is a shift between what was and what is yet to be. Inspired by the beauty of change, and how technology and design shape our everyday lives, Milliken’s Shift LVT collectio...
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A stroll through the city reveals diverse communities. The distinct yet cohesive expression of each district’s rhythm and culture results in a symphony of sounds, architecture and activity â...
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Moraine is a contemporary celebration of the earth's contrasting contours and unique surface qualities. Designed by Milliken’s Asia Pacific Design Team, a kit of patterns and design elemen...
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Milliken has a rich history of delivering innovative flooring solutions from its award-winning global design studios, research center and manufacturing facilities. Milliken’s progressive and purposeful flooring products offer great design solutions built from unique insights and an exceptional... (more)
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