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Phone: (800) 822-8037
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Kick™ Balance Board
The Kick™ Balance Board is designed to encourage a more active workday by promoting continual, low-intensity movements during use, similar to fidgeting. The movement and balance encouraged b...
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Atmosphere® Collection
Atmosphere® adds a social element to workspaces with a unique collection of soft seating options to foster teaming and engagement while still maintaining a stylish aesthetic. The collection i...
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Connect™ Teaming Collection
Connect™ provides a variety of table and seating solutions that work together to make a cohesive environment, facilitating collaboration between two people or a whole department. From meetin...
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Adapt™ Configurable Space Dividers
It’s 2017 and you should no longer have to change the way you work to fit the place you work in. The Adapt™ solution means you don’t have to! Easy to adjust panels and lightweight constr...
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AlphaBetter® Height-Adjustable Student Desk
Stand up for learning with the AlphaBetter® Desks, Stools and accessories - designed to help create an active, focused learning environment for students. This unique desk features a patented ...
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If your 9-to-5 has you feeling like you’re stuck in a sedentary routine, break out of it by making your move to the Mayline-Safco showrooms (3rd floor – 331 and 11th floor -1147) to activate your workday. Grab a game piece at each for your chance to win a Focal Locus Bundle Pro!

Our robust... (more)
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With 125 years of industry knowledge added to the Liberty Diversified International (LDI) family of companies, Mayline® - Safco® offer an array of furniture solutions to create top-notch spaces everyone will be talking about. Employing over 300 people, our headquarters are based in Minneapolis,... (more)
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