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Dynasound, Inc. (Soundmasking + Eavesdropping Protection Divisions)
Dynasound, Inc. (Soundmasking + Eavesdropping Protection Divisions)
Showroom/Booth: 7-1125
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Contact Info:
Phone: (770) 242-8176
Address: 6439 Atlantic Blvd
Norcross, GA 30071-1212
United States
About the Company:
DYNASOUND has pioneered the development of SOUNDMASKING since 1975. Our Network provides audio signal selection, volume control & frequency response to each individual speaker (not small clusters) without the need for plenum access or rewiring. DSN operates on standard networks and PoE to eliminate costly 120 Volt plenum power drops. DSN is Designed for Today’s Requirements & Engineered for Tomorrows. Our Audio Security Solutions protect sensitive and classified (SCIF) conversations from human & electronic eavesdropping and signal recovery techniques. EXPERIRNCE THE DYNASOUND DIFFERENCE!
Additional Info:
Company's Product Categories:
Dynasound, Inc. Soundmasking and Eavesdropping Protection Divisions
Main Contact: Libby Koenig
Executive Vice President
(770) 242-8176 x24
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