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Swap-Only Seller’s Information

If you are not planning to purchase Swap Meet space, you may disregard this section.

The below information is REQUIRED for Swap Vendors only. By entering it ahead of time, you will save time when completing a contract in March for new or additional spaces, as the information will be pulled into your contract already. The below information is hidden and confidential.
If you have questions about whether or not you require a seller’s permit, or fit an exemption code, please visit:

  • 1 – Exempt sales only or display only
  • 2 – Multi-level marketing company pays sales tax
  • 3 – Nonprofit occasional sales exemption
  • 4 – Exempt occasional sales

Primary Contact:

The following contact is used for all communication regarding the 2024 IOLA Car Show.
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Directory and Listing Info:

The following information is for mapping purposes at this time. Businesses can add details to be listed on the map and in printed material if desired.
Please enter your FIRST & LAST NAME in this field if you are not representing a company.
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