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2019 Midwest ESOP Conference
Call for Presentations
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Submission Opportunities for Calls For Presentations are Now Closed.
Speaker Criteria
Selection Criteria:
1. Complete proposals involving corporate and professional member teams and/or case study examples will receive top priority consideration. Incomplete proposals (i.e. Company Member To-Be-Determined) may not receive consideration.
2. The number of Speakers from the same Company (corporate or professional), may be limited where necessary.
3. An effort will be made to ensure there is fair representation of speakers from all four Chapters.
4. Up to 2 Corporate member speakers from the same ESOP company will receive a complimentary conference registration. Professional member speakers are required to register and pay and attend the conference.
5. Individual submissions (i.e. a single presenter) are welcome, provided a full description is included. The Planning Committee may combine speakers or add Corporate member panelists. Presenters will be notified of suggested combinations for approval.
6. Conference sponsorship is appreciated, but will not ensure an organization or individual is selected as a speaker.
7. Preference will be given to Corporate and Professionals that are members of one of the sponsoring Chapters over members from other Chapters of The ESOP Association.

Speaker Policies & Procedures:
1. Speakers are asked to respect the educational intent of our program and avoid sales pitches for particular products or services.
2. A speaker who is unable to make the presentation must notify Sue Crockett immediately. The Planning Committee will select an alternate presenter. Unapproved substitutions of presenters will result in suspension of both individuals from speaking at the next conference.
3. A speaker may not include additional people on their presentation without prior approval. Unapproved additions will result in all individuals being suspended from speaking at the next conference.
4. It is highly recommended that minimal changes to presentation content be made after submitting the slide deck for publication. Attendees are usually dissatisfied when they do not have access to correct or complete content.
5. Be cognizant of a one hour presentation time slot and prepare materials to ensure that you have time to cover your topic. Poor feedback is frequently given to presenters that run out of time or do not cover the topic as described.
6. Speaking slots are limited. If you do not plan to register and participate in the conference, please do not submit a proposal. The Planning Committee reserves the benefit of speaking to members interested in attending.
Presenter #1 - (lead speaker to coordinate with other speakers)
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Presenter #3
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Presentation Information
In defining your speaker presentation, please utilize the following skill levels:
Beginner – Attendees likely to be:
  • From new ESOP companies (< 2 years as an ESOP), new to their company, and/or have never attended an ESOP conference
  • Not likely to be familiar with most ESOP acronyms, and will be looking for rudimentary information about how ESOPs operate
  • May be non-managerial employees attending to simply learn about ESOP culture, or management level employees who need general information because they are new to ESOPs

Intermediate – Everything between beginner and advanced.

Advanced – Attendees likely to be:
  • Management level employees (e.g., CEO, CFO, Controller, HR Manager, etc.)
  • Involved with ESOPs for several years or more, have intimate knowledge of how they operate, how they differ from non-ESOP companies, and what legal and accounting issues apply specifically to ESOPs.
  • Most likely looking for detailed information on specific technical ESOP issues.

We recognize that defining these levels is subjective, and that these levels may vary for Technical sessions as opposed to Culture or Communication sessions. Please try to anticipate the knowledge level of your target audience and include that in your session description. Thank you for your cooperation!
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E.g. Q&A, Role Playing, Small Group Discussion, etc.
Important Information - Please Read
In the future we will send confirmation emails and emails of other instruction from our vendor as they pertain to the collection of your presentation and speaker bio.

To ensure you get this important information please contact your IT Department and have them White List this email and url -
If you need assistance, please contact Sue Crockett at 612-872-4375 or
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