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Morena Enterprises, LLC
Booth Number: G2354
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Contact Info:
Address: PO Box 530984
Henderson, NV 89053-0984
United States
Online Product Showcases:
Vintage Style Chunky Bling Fashion Necklace
This beautiful vintage style piece is just one of the many gorgeous fashion necklaces, bracelets and earrings you'll find in the Morena Designer Collections line at the Morena Enterprises Boot...
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About the Company:
Morena Enterprises offers unique product lines under the names Morena Designer Collections for our wholesale fashion jewelry and accessories line, Hardbody Bling, (HBB) for our original, Made in USA fitness jewelry line, and Angel on My Shoulder Designs for inspirational jewelry and gift products. Our vibrant, growing company also designs and manufactures jewelry and accessories for a select clientele, including TLC's Sister Wives, where our company will be featured on next season's episodes.
Main Contact: Gina Wilson
Executive Director
(702) 776-7016
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